My Dry Willow  1992–2002
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Download Album ...The Last Thing I Can Give To You, My Dry Willow, 1992
Download Album (Tar Baby), My Dry Willow, 1995
Download Album Food Of The Soul, My Dry Willow, 1998
Download Album Whisper In My Ear, My Dry Willow, 2000
01 Over The Hills Under Blue Sky
02 Whisper In My Ear
03 Devil's Waitress
04 No Paradise
05 Mont Blanc I
06 Dancing Heart
07 Love Kills The Sense
08 No Treaty For Fate
09 A Pair Of Wings
10 One Man (And Neverenging Love)
11 Mont Blanc II
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Download Album Perfect Eternity, My Dry Willow, 2002

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